How do I arrange a viewing?

That’s quite easy. Just send an e-mail to vermietung@how8.de or call us at +49 176 . 321 291 51.
We’ll gladly make an appointment with you.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, the minimum lease period is 6 months. You can also make your lease unlimited.

I chose an apartment, what now? When can I move in?

You took part in a showing or decided on an apartment using the pictures?
Please email the checklist and send us all the necessary documents. We need about 10 days to prepare the rental contract and formalities.

What documents do I need to register?

An overview of the documents you need can be found here.

I am still a student, my parents would like to rent the apartment for me. Is that possible?

That’s fine. Then your parents, or even just one parent, should rent the apartment for you. They must then submit all the documents that are listed in the checklist.

What is included in the rent of my apartment?

The total rent consists of the cold rent, additional charges, and rental costs for the inventory and the internet flat rate.

What additional costs are included in the total rent?

All of them! Among others, energy, water, WLAN, and other housing costs (like refuse disposal). Since it’s a lump sum, there are no hidden costs to you.

How can I make the deposit?

You can transfer the deposit funds to the account specified in the rental agreement or show us a bank guarantee from a trusted bank.

When do I have to deposit the deposit and the first rent?

It’s very important that you transfer funds for the first rent and the deposit at least 10 days before your arrival.

All future monthly rents are then automatically deducted from your account.

More questions? Send an e-mail to vermietung@how8.de, or call us at +49 176 . 321 291 51.